We are the most qualified Crestron Programming Company in Western Canada. Led by a Platinum Masters Certified Programmer, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of the Crestron platform.

Chris Carmichael



Senior Systems Programmer


Since 2014, Chris has successfully run ISC and propelled us to be the largest and most successful Crestron Programming Company in Western Canada. Chris traveled the world working as an AV technician before landing in Vancouver and applying himself through BCIT night classes and real world training to become an accomplished and respected Crestron programmer.

Considered one of Canada’s leading Crestron Programmers, Arnaud’s Platinum Masters Certification is a testament to his passion for the Crestron Platform. Like Chris, Arnaud came up as a technician before trading the tools for a laptop. This gives him a deep understanding of all integrated systems and makes troubleshooting problems efficient and effective.

Anton Shiryaev

Alan da Silva

Senior Applications Developer

Systems Architect


Anton is a developer in all senses of the word. He is constantly finding new ways and developing new applications to streamline programming operations. He is a born problem solver. Anton heads our driver development team, developing reusable scalable driver platforms for Crestron Simpl and Crestron Home.

Alan is a real unicorn in the industry. An award-winning AV System Designer and CAD Drafter, he brings a real can-do attitude to all he does. It doesn’t stop with design, for Alan is also an accomplished Crestron Programmer, DSP expert and installer in his own right.

Calista Alex

User Experience Designer


Calista possesses a deep understanding of the formal Design Thinking Process, starting from User Experience (UX) Research to Usability Testing.