Who Are We

Professional Audio Visual Services Company

We are the most qualified Crestron Programming Company in Western Canada. The team at Intersystem is handpicked for their knowledge and experiences with Crestron. For a small company, we have a very diverse skill set, all focusing on developing amazing Crestron experiences.

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Our Qualifications

How Did We Begin

Intersystem Controls started as a services company and maintains this mindset today. While we have grown to be a fully-fledged AV vendor, we see our hardware business as a support player to our software and services business.

Our Qualifications


We built our company on Crestron programming. With a focus on service and support backed with solid fundamentals in programming, we were able to provide an unmatched solution for Integrators and end-users to deploy with their Crestron systems. Our programming produces the most stable reliable systems out there.


We are proud be a talented team of individuals who are true experts in the field of Crestron automation. Our team comprises of Platinum Master and Master Certified Creston Programmers, bringing the highest level of skill and knowledge to every project we undertake.

QSYS, Biamp and KNX

In addition to Crestron, our team holds qualifications and certifications in Q-SYS, Biamp, and KNX, further enhancing our ability to provide premium solutions in the audiovisual domain.

CEDIA Member

As our commitment to following industry standards and ensuring our services are the best following the available education in the industry, Intersystem is a proud CEDIA member.