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Western Canada's Most Qualified Creston Programming Company

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Who Are We

Professional Audio Visual Services Company​

Excelling in the support and distribution of av control software and equipment, our projects span across commercial units and residential homes. Our 80+ combined years of team experience allows us to deliver seamless and user friendly solutions to control all of your smart home needs, with our Creston, Q-SYS and Biamp Programmers removing barriers to Smarter Living.

What We Do Best


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System Design & Build

We design your system around your user requirements and expectations. From the back end to the front end, we ensure that it works and looks the way you need it to be. We pride ourselves on selling experiences and not just systems and boxes.

System Monitoring & Support

We are fully committed to remotely monitored and supported systems. Leveraging both on premise and cloud-based monitoring, we can identify and resolve most issues. We want you to feel confident in your technology.

Featured Project

Dusk Home Automation

Custom Automation

Dusk interface introduces a new look on how control systems can look like.

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