System Monitoring


What is Monitoring?

Once in place, your system is not stagnant. Instead, it is constantly self-monitoring to make sure everything is working the way it should be. This is done by leveraging the robust and reliable Ihiji framework to export your system’s data and report on problems.

The benefit of this is that your system can identify an issue as soon as it happens and attempt a fix automatically. Often, you won’t even know there was a problem, as your system has already diagnosed and solved it. If this ‘self-healing’ fails, an email is triggered letting us know and we will call you to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Monitoring process


Monitoring Benefits

With system monitoring we catch the problem the moment it happens, we then attempt to resolve the problem and lastly report on the status of the problem and whether it was resolved or required further action. All of this is done automatically leaving you with a system that works every time you need it to

Problems automatically resolved
Follow up service calls needed

Identify Problems

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Step 1:identify

We are constantly scanning the system looking for problems. Problems are reported by the control system in real time

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step 2:action

The system will attempt to 'self heal' the problem. This often involves automatically cycling power to the problematic unit

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Step 3:report

Whether the system resolves the problem via self healing or not. A report will be emailed to us to follow up and act upon the data received. If an on-site visit is needed it is often news to the customer that there was ever a problem in the first place.